To the GDA Overlords

Soooooo I decided I’d have a go at attending a Management Accounts lecture this past Friday. I actually learned some things about return on investment and maximising shareholder value and all those fancy accounting terms and working capital and current vs productive assets. Riveting stuff.

Then some other guy went on this hour schpiel about how much time GDA students shold be putting into their degree and I also learned quite a lot. I learned that you guys are heartless. This is like the last year my friends actually have to live their best lives before they embark on a soul crushing journey making copious amounts of money for the oppressive capitalist machine.

12 hours a day? Kay like peeps are only awake for 16 hours in a day, and they’re already attending lectures and stuff doing Saturday tests and all those commercey things like can they live their lives please? Also, did that lecture really have to be an entire hour? We got it the first time

  1. Y’all are doing averagely compared to last year
  2. Become a slave to this degree
  3. But you’ll be fine…hopefully
  4. We kinda believe in you


Chill out guuuyyyyssss, let these kids enjoy their last few months of freedom.

If you do not comply I will make sure to strip you of all your assets when I dismantle the capitalist machine




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