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Soooooo, I decided to go check out the impeachment motion for President Zuma at Parliament yesterday, cause you know, you don’t get to witness one of those everyday? It was quite an eye-opening experience, to witness the democratic processes  of this country in front of my very eyes.

I kinda went just to see the main peeps speak, Honourable Maimaine, Honourable Malema and some of the top six. Then I pretty much left around 5:30 when I could see that this wasn’t really going anywhere. For starters, I can see why things don’t get decided on in this country. Like they legit spent an hour and 15 minutes arguing about whether the Madam Speaker should chair this particular debate because of her affiliation to the ANC.

After many a “Honourable Malema, you are out of order…Honourable Malema” and various other political party members explicitly stating that her bias was unwelcome in this debate, she eventually still ended up hosting this thing (meh).

So like Maimane showed all the flames yesterday. He’s a homie. Basically in that eloquent voice of his, he was all like today will demonstrate that the ANC ruling party was complicit in the president violating the constitution and that the cancer of corruption has spoiled every single level of the party. There is not one person safe from the corruption virus.

Peeps applauded, it was beautiful. LIKE WHY CAN’T PEOPLE VOTE FOR THIS MAN HE IS LIFE. ANC, you need to get on poaching him from the DA. White people love him man.

ANYWAY, then Comrade Malema came forward with some flames of his own. Oh by the way, congrats on your degree man. You’re more qualified than the person running our country. And he was all like why are we all standing here saying the same shit we’ve BEEN saying for months, and that we had already said in Parliament after the Public Protector revealed her findings, when nothing will change? Because the majority party will rule in favour of Zuma because they are blind to what is in the interests of the party and the economy.

But pretty much in a nutshell, it was a shit show, peeps were pointing and screaming, I wish I could bring popcorn to get the full movie theatre experience. Shot for the faith in the politics of this country first hand. I’M OFFICIALLY STARTING MY OWN POLITICAL PARTY.

Namaste Honourable Parliament Members

(Besides the ANC one’s, cause they suck, NO PEACE FOR YOU).


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Power to the People 

Greetings Homies
So me, Daniel Sive and a couple of others are submitting a report to the government’s Education Commission, on the economic viability of free higher education and what the government can do to alleviate the situation (*coughs* stop being corrupt and mismanaging state funds *coughs*).

We’re trying to get as much input as we can from all facets of society: students, academics, private sector, government and the media.
While people are out there firing shots about how we haven’t really reconciled the grievances of the past (evident in social, economic and political life), we would like to dedicate time to actually seeing how we can solve this, cause I feel like the government doesn’t seem to be putting in the research effort.

If you would be interested in helping us with research, please drop us a message. Also if you know any business owners and prominent private sector individuals (yes I’m talking about our awesome capitalist-savvy parents) who can contribute to this conversation, please send us contact details so we can arrange interviews and all that.

But anyway, if you think you can help or think you have something to say, help us do the things. If we get as much input as we can on this, the department cannot ignore our suggestions to fix this crisis.
Namaste yo, Happy Wednesday, go forth and flourish on your daily endeavours 🙏🏾

Shot taken at Wits University