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On Social Capitalism: To the 1%, Mother Nature, White Males and The Supreme Being.

Dear 1%,

We need to get our priorities straight ASAP. People are dying and shit while we’re sipping cocktails living La Vida. It’s time we make a change.

Kay so apparently there isn’t a Wikipedia page on “social capitalism” (gonna write that shit)- which can be defined as a free market economic system geared towards environmental conservation and social issues. The aim of the game here is for profits to be redirected to saving humanity instead of the pockets of a small few.

It’s a hybrid system between socialism and capitalism, whereby the means of production are intellectual capital, social capital and creative capital. Since these things belong to individuals, it will inherently be private.

Social welfare is the responsibility of government and Corporate Social Responsibility efforts by the private sector. Heavy regulation and taxation for multinational corporations. Heavy taxes for the rich as well. Basic and higher education must be free for economic upliftment.

The system would be regulated closely by the judiciary and stick to democratic and human rights principles. Redistribution of resources is central, including land and capital. Environmental sustainability policies must govern the use of resources.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is, let’s use our privilege to change the world. People need our help, and we’re in a position to do so. Short term profit gains over long term stability must be eliminated. And Wall Street needs to go down. The Judiciary needs to hold those accountable for he degradation of our planet and the daylight robbery of ordinary citizens.

Dear Mother Nature,

I’m so sorry about what we have done to you. You are all so powerful and you give us life and this is how we have replayed you. You’re dying and need to be fixed. Through Social Capitalism, it’s our duty as humans to fix you for future generations and all living beings.

Dear White Males,

Thank you for you contribution to industrialization and civilization (build on the backs of black bodies but let’s not go into that now), this modern world is a product of your aggressive and patriarchal structure. No but really, thanks guys, technology and stuff is cool. I think however it’s time you took a seat. No one is trying to take anything away from you, but we need to balance the scales. Women and POC’s need to self determinate and upliftment and dismantling the patriarchy is crucial for that. Also, step aside a little so others can do things too? No wonder Hollywood movies are all about you.

And finally, Dear The Force/Supreme Being

Why did you give people complete autonomy to make choices? Now look how we fucked up the world and we killing each other and shit. Just make it stop, humanity is ruined we’re heading for disaster. Help us out please?

Kay sick, that’s all.


Power to the People 

Greetings Homies
So me, Daniel Sive and a couple of others are submitting a report to the government’s Education Commission, on the economic viability of free higher education and what the government can do to alleviate the situation (*coughs* stop being corrupt and mismanaging state funds *coughs*).

We’re trying to get as much input as we can from all facets of society: students, academics, private sector, government and the media.
While people are out there firing shots about how we haven’t really reconciled the grievances of the past (evident in social, economic and political life), we would like to dedicate time to actually seeing how we can solve this, cause I feel like the government doesn’t seem to be putting in the research effort.

If you would be interested in helping us with research, please drop us a message. Also if you know any business owners and prominent private sector individuals (yes I’m talking about our awesome capitalist-savvy parents) who can contribute to this conversation, please send us contact details so we can arrange interviews and all that.

But anyway, if you think you can help or think you have something to say, help us do the things. If we get as much input as we can on this, the department cannot ignore our suggestions to fix this crisis.
Namaste yo, Happy Wednesday, go forth and flourish on your daily endeavours 🙏🏾

Shot taken at Wits University