“Look Beneath the floorboards, for the secrets I have hid”

One of the most beautiful songs by Sufjan Stevens. Listening to this song has very strange emotions attached to it due to its delicacy as well as the fact that it’s about a serial killer/child molester. That first “oh my God” is very chilling. I think he really captures John Gacy’s inner turmoil, rough background and dementedness very well (I know that’s not a word) however when he starts comparing himself to John Gacy it confuses me a bit. I guess I understand the whole thing that everyone has a deep dark secret hidden but I mean I’m pretty sure he didn’t rape and kill like 27 boys or something. Also, John Gacy had severe mental disorders, so it’s not really the same thing, but whatevs. Anyway, take a good listen. Sufjan Stevens is an artistic genius.


Let’s not jump to any conclusions here. I’m not a Joburg hater. Just the whole “Cape Town vs. Joburg” thing has fascinated me. I’ve found that the people who have moved down here recently have already claimed Cape Town as their “home” (despite only being here for a few months) and going on the occasional tangent (did I use that correctly?) about how much Joburg is way worse than Cape Town. Personally, I think that’s a little sad.

Before I go on, I must mention that I have indeed done this before, so I’m not being self righteous here. I too have been caught up in the charms of the Mother City, however, if I think about it more clearly, I realize how very wrong I have been. So maybe there aren’t enough hipsters in Joburg, and maybe the crime is worse than Cape Town’s and yes, you do have to pay entrance to every single club there, but you have to give it some credit. It’s not necessarily the morbid, boring, judgmental place that people make it out to be. I mean after all, a lot of the people that I have come across doing this have grown up there most of their lives. I mean what have you been doing for fun for the passed 18 or so years of your life in Joburg if it really is that boring? Joburg has crime, granted. But this is South Africa people, people get mugged in Cape Town too.

I have a theory. It’s the notion of a drastic change. New city, no parents, old and new friends, new educational institution and the ability to basically do what you want. Different associations come with each respective city. But at the end of the day, Joburg is home and Joburg comes with many good memories over the years. So while spending time in Joburg these holidays, instead of wishing you were back in Cape Town, just appreciate what your city has to offer. On a lighter note:

Keep it quirky.

Clearly Russians don’t watch TV

*Talking about History Tour, last year at the end of the year*
Me: I don’t know if I want to go, I mean it’s August holidays and I might have stuff to do regarding Colleges and stuff
Mom: No! You must go! You’ll never get another opportunity like this again!
Me: What do you mean mom, we travel all the time. You take me to new places all the time
Mom: Yeah but I mean I was never going to take you to Russia…I mean who wants to go to Russia? What’s to see there? It’s only for people like you who actually enjoy history. It’s not on my radar.

So of course assuming by that exchange I had with my mother, I ended up going history tour. In fact, I got back from it 2 days ago (I’m writing this at 4 in the morning on Wednesday) We started off in Prague (Czech Republic), Then Krakow (Poland), Berlin (Germany) and finally, St Petersburg and Moscow in Russia. I’m not going to talk about the fact that all we saw was palaces, art and churches or the fact that it rained the whole time we were there, or the fact that Russians are quite unfriendly or the fact that my mom was partially right and that I might never go back there in my life…unless I have to…I’m going to talk about the staring…yes…the staring.

In Western Europe, you find black people. Because they immigrated from Africa. Although they might not be a lot of them, they are there, so it’s okay. They’re also a lot of black tourists, so it’s not uncomfortable…but in Russia it’s entirely different. There are literally NO black people there…at all…so of course being one of the only black person (along with my other black friends of course) in a radius of about I don’t know, 50 kms? Of course we got stared at….everywhere I walked, I was stared out by Russian people…we were like aliens! Especially to the males…I mean the females got over it but the males…it was so creeps. And then there were a bunch of Asians who wanted to take pictures with us…I didn’t of course, I don’t really want to end up on some asian billboard advertising STDs or whatever. But it’s like these people have never seen black people before. Then it hit me, these people don’t watch TV! Because you see black people on TV all the time! In news, music, popular movies, TV, you name it. Clearly the Russians don’t indulge in the culture of watching TV…otherwise the wouldn’t stare. Okay I’m bored now
Now That’s Catawampus.